The Site Visits activity offers the attendees an opportunity to visit carefully chosen projects that are on the forefront of building a sustainable environment across the Sultanate of Oman. The programme imparts a deeper understanding of how large-scale projects across the Sultanate contributing to sustainable goals function, driving the regional and global transition towards achieving net zero carbon emissions. The activity also shines the spotlight on the companies that have integrated sustainability into their operations by presenting impact of the initiatives to the attendees.

This educational programme requires interested visitors to pre-register and enrol their attendance with the organisations hosting the site visits.

Knowledge World, Ras Al Hamra, 3D Printed building
Oman Botanic Garden
Outward Bound Oman facility at Jebel Akhdar
Barka Landfill
Al-Amirat Healthcare Waste Treatment Facility
National Autism Centre funded by Oman LNG
Central Effluent Treatment & Recycling Plant
The Sustainable City Yiti

Benefits for Visitors

  • Gain insights into the ‘real world’ and active projects.
  • Learn best practices and techniques.
  • Discover benefits and processes of sustainable projects.