NXplorers Program

15th March 2023
Hall 1, OCEC, OSW Theatre
10:30 am – 12:00 pm 

Oman Sustainability Week will host Shell NXplorer as part of Oman Sustainability Week Talks. The program is managed by Oman Shell and will consist of 10 presentations of innovative projects created by students from 10 schools from Oman.

What is NXplorers?

Shell NXplorers is a proven, innovative education program for young people aged 10 to 19. The program introduces the complex and creative thinking skills needed to become positive agents in the process of change and equips young people with the tools they need to apply them. Young people have the capability to create positive movements for change. They can learn how to address the complex challenges faced by the world and to do something about them. NXplorers shows them how. Focused on the Food - Water - Energy Nexus, the program aims to build awareness, develop knowledge and provide thinking tools and complex problem solving skills to the leaders of the future.

Why use NXplorers?

  • The ability to solve complex problems is the number one skill that future employees need, according to research carried out by the World Economic Forum, 2016.
  • NXplorers gives young people the tools and strategies they need to understand complexity and to recognize how they can shape and create change.

NXplorers history and future plans

In 2018, Oman Shell in close collaboration with MoE and Engineering Village, introduced Shell Nxplorers, a global Shell STEM program, in schools across the country as part of ‘Solar into Schools’, Shell Oman’s 5th GTTN initiative.

This educational program is designed to raise awareness about the Sultanate’s energy transition among school children and to inspire them to think innovatively about future energies.

  • Nxplorers for Juniors targeting Students aged 10-12 years
  • Nxplorers for Seniors to equips students aged 13 – 17 with the skills to solve complex challenges and develop their STEM habits of mind.
  • Nxplorers Professional, offering for higher education students and young professionals to develop their detailed NXthinking skills to broaden their skillset.
10:30 - 10:40
Shell NXplorer Contester 1: Al Saad Plan Cyperaceae is a common weed found in farms and abundant in hot and temperate regions. The plant has dense underground swellings and fibrous roots in addition to tubers and green leaves. Local people in Ibri called this plant as jinx, and this plant was known as a very harmful and useless plant. Those students re-named it as Al-Saad plant and started to investigate the positive side. The smart students were able to Exploit the plant and manufacture various products such as Medicated powder and oils.

Fatima bint Qais School
10:40 - 10:50
Shell NXplorer Contester 2: Wahaj Team Making the most of the Solar energy available in Oman, Um Al Fadhil School through their project ‘Wahaj’, have encouraged the local community to rely on solar energy as they installed solar panels in the road. They already secure lights in 4 Km in their village, and they opened an online store to sell solar power items.

Um Al Fadhil School
10:50 - 11:00
Shell NXplorer Contester 3: Al Amal Primary School- Drop Project Al Amal Primary School has introduced the use of artificial intelligence to distill sea water for farm irrigation. The idea of this innovation focused on the exploitation of the sea area and its enormous energies, the distillation of its water, and the use of technology in building farms for greenhouses in the seas as a technical system
11:00 - 11:10
Shell NXplorer Contester 4: Á Sultan School Shell NXplorers students of A’Sultan Qaboos School for boys carried out research on how to keep water tanks clean and urged the community to maintain the same through their project, ‘My tank is clean’.
The project aims to obtain clean water from the tank and spread the culture of the necessity of cleaning the tank periodically and continuously in Al Buraimi Governorate, with a set of data and facts and examining samples before and after cleaning
11:10 - 11:30
Shell NXplorer Contester 5: Abi Bin Thabet School Abi Bin Thabit Students, established the growth, care and distribution of the Thyme plant in Oman. They considered this plantation as another income resource for the community because its high value in the market.

Abi Bin Thabet School
11:30 - 11:40
Nxplorers program contest 6: The idea of this project revolves around collecting dew drops and making use of them, because the area is characterized by continuous fog, especially in the central governorate. They collected dew drops on a cold surface, and then have it in containers to filter it from Impurities and dust.
They’re assuming that if they put a square piece of glass 8 cm x 8 cm and put it for thirty minutes with continuous fog for two hours, they will have a pure water of approximate 600 milliliters per hour

Hajj School
11:40 - 11:50
Nxplorers program contest 7: The young talented girls from Safiya Bint Khattab School have found an innovative way to reduce the water needed to irrigate crops via their project "Watertage". After their study, they found out that using soil layers between two agricultural soils, “the agricultural soil is composed of clay soil and organic fertilizer, so that the sandy soil’’ contributes to preserving water from evaporation.

Safiya Bint Khattab School
11:50 - 12:00
End of Shell INxplorer program